Recreating the Pinayist Rosie the Riveter


Recreating the Pinay Rosie the Riveter

This idea was born out of a project that focuses on issues that affect Asian American communities. We chose to address the inability of filipinas to become self-actualized and become liberated because of the oppressive systems that are in place: white supremacy, capitalism, sexism/patriarchy, homophobia, and xenophobia.

“Pinayist praxis is a process, place, and production that aims to connect the global and local to the personal issues and stories of Pinay struggle, survival, service, sisterhood, and strength.  It is an individual and communal process of decolonization, humanization, self-determination, and relationship building, ultimately moving toward liberation.  Through this process, Pinays create places where their epistemologies are at the center of the discourse/dialogue/conversation and organizing.  Pinays also represent Pinayism through critical cultural production of art, performance, and engaged scholarship that expresses their perspectives and counternarratives.”

-Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales