How might colonial mentality provoke discrimination against Amerasians Filipina/os?

The discrimination against Amerasians in the Philippines and in America follow the same circular Colonial Mentality process that E.J.R. David describes in internalizing inferiority to the oppressors. Amerasians are not really considered American or Filipina/o (Mental Schema). Since they don’t belong to either group, they must be worse. (Automatic Thought). “Full” Filipina/os are always only going to be Filipina/o which in their minds is inferior (Self-Schema). “Full” Filipina/os take out their anger and frustration about not being able to become American on Amerasians who they feel have better access to Americanization. Sometimes, they take out their anger and frustrations on Amerasians because they feel a sense of superiority over a group of people who they perceive to belong less in society than themselves (Behaviors and Mood).

What would I tell Jimmy?

It is hard to articulate the things that I want to say to Jimmy. Before I completely form my opinion on this seemingly horrible individual, I looked him up to hear more about why he did this. Another video came up with him being interviewed after ’20 reasons I dislike _____________. the Philippines’ went viral. It gave me a little bit of hope. Maybe this person is not so bad after all. Well I was only even more disappointed. I couldn’t even finish watching the video.

My intention was to humanize him to be able to discuss this offensive video in a more productive way but there is nothing that I want to say to Jimmy. He is just another ignorant white man perpetuating Western Colonization. I do not want to spend my time and energy arguing and defending my point of view when I can spend it on something more valuable. Is it my responsibility to educate him?

“I’m sick of mediating with your worse self
On behalf of your better selves”
–Anzaldua & Moraga (This Bridge Called My Back)