Filipino Men and their invisibility.

How are Filipino men different from other men? Is it ‘useful’ in exploring how Filipino men/Pinoys differ from other men, from women, from Filipina women/Pinays?

It is difficult to answer this question because it is easy to overgeneralize the experiences of individuals based on only part of their identity, although race/ethnicity, plays a big role in our perception of self. But it is not enough to simply say that we are all different in some ways and similar in others…Part of the difficulty in thinking and writing about this is not knowing the level of specificity I want to tackle. Do I only want to talk about those who identify themselves as Filipino men? How should I go about the differences between Filipino-American men to Philippine-born men, or to those Filipino men who live in the Philippines, or how about those who work overseas?

The importance in exploring this topic is to be able to better empathize and understand Filipino men in order for me to be much more responsible in building with them. I have to be mindful in not ‘doing the work’ for men because this can be easily be perceived as that. 

The most glaringly apparent difference that I notice that is unique to the experience of Pinoys is their invisibility.