Pinayism Praxis:
[Praxis: theory, practice/action, personal reflection]

Pillar 1: PROCESS

…and individual and communal PROCESS of decolonization, humanization, self-determination, liberation, and relationship-building (Strobel, Freire, Anzaldua, hooks, Tejeda, E. San Juan);

Pillar 2: PLACE

…a PLACE where Pinay epistemologies are at the center of the discourse/dialogue/conversation and organizing (Jordan, Lorde, Walker, Moraga, Lawsin, Mabalon, JM Cordova, Nievara)


…a critical cultural PRODUCTION of art, performance, engaged scholarship, advocacy, and political action that expresses Pinay perspectives and counternarratives (Boal, J. Lee, Hagedorn, Tejeda, R. Delgado, Duller, Umipig)

Pillar 4: PEDAGOGY
…a critical PEDAGOGY of 1. the teaching and learning critical Pinay studies and 2. mentoring and reproducing a community of Pinayists and social justice educators. (Tintiangco-Cubales, Sacramento, Duncan-Andrade)

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